Meet the Teams

BusinessUp 2022 kicked off on Saturday at the Planetarium of the Väisälä Space Park. One could say that the universe welcomed us to this accelerator program. Strange place to get together the first time but also inspirational. Ten teams gathered under the dome and the rest joined us online to hear the intro for the coming eight weeks and to tell their own story so far.

BusinessUp proudly presents the batch of 2022


Mosaida is a platform to connect fitness coaches and clients. Our concept is to create a brand around the platform so that coaches of different sorts can have their own profile. On the profile they can present their training plans, groups etc. We are also building payment and booking systems that makes for the coaches. All this so that coaches can just focus on coaching and clients have easy and safe access to the help they need. We also offer our services to companies and sport clubs as well. Where we help connecting the right peoples for the right company. The same goes for clubs and their booking systems.


Our business idea is a platform that allows you to rent clothes from other users and earn money by renting your own clothes. Our business idea provides a platform for easy and safe rental operations, and a sustainable way to update your closet.

Nordic Asian Pvt Ltd

Nordic Asian Pvt. Ltd. have designed a unique healthcare, education and human resources related work and business platform to catalyst healthcare services, education development, workforce movement and other innovative solutions together to explore and execute partnership programmes and foster cross- border development in abovementioned areas.


We have developed a patent protected technology for improving silicon surface, which consequently results in higher efficiency and lower power consumption for the devices made of silicon. Devices such as solar cells, processors, detectors, etc. For example by applying our technology on processors, their power consumption is reduced.


Foot clinic PodoGo is the development project for foot health. The store is located in Turku and in the so-called prototype workshop “silent” research is done on foot related problems and solutions. The aim of PodoGo is to establish the chain of clinics utilizing corresponding methods and providing functional, high-quality products.  


Business idea is to create marketplace which connects consumers with their nearest local farmers, local chefs, bakers and other food product sellers, by providing their fresh product directly to the consumers.  Farmers provides fruits, berries and vegetables. Local chefs provide homecooked dishes prepared with highest standards of hygiene and food authority permits in order. Bakers provides cakes and all bakery goods. 


Analysis of tissue structure – histology – is widely used technique in medicine and life science. Current methods rely on old technology which has severe limitations. These limitations translate into suboptimal decision-making during drug development, toxicological and histopathological analysis. Solving these issues facilitates development of better drugs, safer chemicals and better diagnoses.


Advanced LiDAR scanning technology, digital twin’s representation and AI robotics enabling; efficiency – productive lean surveys and inspections, digitalisation of assets – Digital Twin, BIM, People Flow and as-builts, easy access – streamlined communication and collaborative digital environment.


Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) BOLE-team has developed novel production method and technology to produce protein rich biomass cost efficiently from side streams of food industry with Arctic mushroom strains. BOLE-team aims to commercialize the invention with the help of ongoing Business Finland Research to Business project.


Our business idea is to commercialize novel, fast and accurate diagnostic method for clinical use. The method (EPLINEx) we have invented has been designed to identify aggressive and metastasizing cancers direct from the cancer patient samples. Commercial potential of EPLINEx is increased by our finding that the method can also be used in targeted cancer treatment guidance. 


ModularGreen has developed entirely self-sustained modular greenhouses that will help solve the problem of food insecurity in Nordic Countries. The modules will enable year-round production of fresh fruit, vegetables, and fish using an aquaponics system, pyrolysis heater, and solar energy.